Battlefield 1 open beta is live

B1 cover

Here’s some behind-the-scenes trivia about writing this news piece. I obsessed over this intro for way too long. I wanted it to be funny, and include a few World War I jokes. The problem with that is, well, many thousands of people died horribly in the war, and I felt like a tool with each different attempt. So let’s just get on with the information regarding Battlefield 1‘s open beta.

The beta (which is live on PC, PS4 and XBO) takes players to the Sinai desert. Two modes are available: Conquest and Rush. Conquest sees up to 64 players battling for control points. Added craziness comes from the various vehicles, planes and horses that join the fray. Rush is smaller, maxing out at 24 players. The defending team protects their telegraph poles (which allow them to call in artillery strikes) from being destroyed.

The Battlefield 1 beta page also mentions an armored train, essentially a super-weapon that can be called in when things get dire. Bi-planes also feature, and I’m really excited to see how they handle. You could say I’m bi-curious. [Oh. Okay. – Ed.]

Hah! Nailed it.

Follow these links to download the beta for PC, PS4 and XBO. You’ll need roughly 7GB of free space. EA hasn’t said when the beta will end. Battlefield 1 launches on 21 October.

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