A million years later, Lindsay Lohan’s GTA V lawsuit has been dismissed

GTA 5 lindsay lohan

I’d totally even forgotten this was a thing, but Lindsay Lohan’s claims that Rockstar cribbed her likeness for a character in GTA V have been rejected by the New York County Supreme Court. That’s one for the Burn Book.

Lohan sued Rockstar back in 2014, alleging that GTA V character Lacey Jonas – a narcissistic rom-com star with an eating disorder – was an “unequivocal” copy of the Mean Girls actress. She also asserted that promotional artwork for the game pictured up top and below was based on her. According to the complaint, the “defendants purposefully used Lohan’s bikini, shoulder-length blonde hair, jewelry, cell phone, and ‘signature peace sign’ pose’ in one image, and used Lohan’s likeness in another image by appropriating facial features, body type, physical appearance, hair, hat, sunglasses, jean shorts, and loose white top.”


Not entirely unexpectedly, the court ruled that, because the game doesn’t ever actually name the character as Lindsay Lohan, the lawsuit is a bust. And besides, in the US, games are protected by First Amendment rights, so GTA V‘s “unique story, characters, dialogue, and environment, combined with the player’s ability to choose how to proceed in the game, render it a work of fiction and satire,” and it doesn’t matter if it looks like her anyway.

Stop trying to make this lawsuit happen, Lindsay. It’s not going to happen.