Ark: Survival Evolved expansion adds dragons

Ark cover

Ark: Survival Evolved‘s dinosaur taming and survival gameplay continues to make a good impression. Despite the fact that it’s still in Early Access, the title has now received a large, “completely finished” expansion pack titled Scorched Earth. This brings with it new environments, tools and dragons.

Much like the base game, players start Scorched Earth by waking up mostly naked in the wilderness. Except this time it’s not a tropical jungle, it’s a harsh, arid desert, complete with canyons, dunes and half-buried ruins. The biggest draw are the dragon-like wyverns, which can be tamed and trained. They can be flown too, allowing players to rain fire. Other new creatures include giant insects reminiscent of Starship Troopers, huge sand-worms and a manticore. New structures include wind turbines and oil refineries, and weapons such as whips, chainsaws and boomerangs feature too.

Anything you build or tame can be taken back to the original Survival Evolved map. Ark: Scorched Earth is available on PC and XBO at R219 and R310 respectively. Both require the base game to play, which is available on Steam for a temporary discount price of R192 and XBO for roughly R542.