Everything is going all kinds of wrong in the new Cayne trailer

cayne logo

Local indie developer The Brotherhood is prepping to launch its Stasis spin-off game Cayne with a new trailer that starts off like some quirky new cult-popular rom-com probably starring Michael Cera but turns into something that… definitely isn’t.

“Mom-to-be, Hadley, has woken up to the horrors of a medical facility,” reads the game’s plot blurb. And, oh, what horrors. I bet Michael Cera would be dead in the first five minutes.

Cayne is out soon on PC, and it’s totally free.

Also, because disclosure, I did some work on it. You’ll know which parts I wrote because they’re the most gross. I haven’t been able to play the game yet, though, so I don’t know if I made any spelling mistakes. Which would be even more most gross. The most grossest.

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