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Greetings NAGultons, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have all of the Infinite Warfare news, EA dreamcrushes a legion of fans, the Uncharted movie takes a turn towards nowhere in particular and Overwatch Season 2 goes live. Then it’s affordable VR from an unlikely source, EVE Online announces something and then I bombard you with videos and highlights from the week. What a time to be alive.

EA kills the Mass Effect remaster dream

Well, not my dream. The dreams of people who like shelling out AAA cash for games they’ve already played with slightly better graphics.

Still, EA’s Peter Moore said in an interview this week that while a Mass Effect remaster would be “easy money”, they’re not planning on or interested in doing it.

I’m not going to quote anything he said directly because he has that baffling habit of asking himself questions and then answering them [“Is this super annoying? Yes it is.”], so instead I’ll spare you that particular linguistic trauma and give you the cliffnotes.

EA is “focused on the future”, they don’t want to distract from Mass Effect: Andromeda and their development teams are far too busy making new things to go back and work on making old things look prettier.

Sorry guys, time to start saving for Andromeda, which is apparently going to be “magnificent”.

Sony quietly drops the Uncharted movie (for now)

The movie adaptation of Naughty Dog’s biggest franchise was slated for a June 2017 release, but the film has now quietly disappeared from the schedule.

Which makes sense, since I don’t think it even has a director yet. There’ve been three signed on so far, and all of them have dropped out at some point.

Writer of the script Joe Carnahan (who wrote and directed The Grey) has said he’d like to direct, but has to finish up shooting the new Bad Boys movie.

The most exciting part of this piece of news, coincidentally, is that they’re making a new Bad Boys movie. Did everyone else already know about this? Why was I not informed? I’m starting to think Will Smith doesn’t actually read my letters. Don’t stress about the Uncharted movie – we all know it’s going to suck anyway.

New Overwatch update goes live

A huge patch goes live on PC, and brings with it Season 2 of Competitive.

On the Competitive front, skill rating is now a 1-5000 scale instead of 1-100, and like other games with ranking system will be broken down into “Silver, Gold, Platinum” etc. divisions instead of just giving you a fairly arbitrary number (“is 2768 good you guys?”).

They’ve also done away with the controversial sudden death, now allowing games that would go that way to end in a tie instead. There’s also a new map, new skins and a handful of new emotes.

Along with all that content are some fairly significant balance changes. Genji gets hit hard with the nerf bat, right after I’ve mastered him (HAHAHA), and Mercy’s heal gets a nice 20% buff. Then Roadhog’s hook will now always bring people to his face rather than into a wall or whatever, which is great news for people like me who are old with slow reflexes and ping to European servers who always seem to be hooking around corners.

See you in game you filthy casuals.

Just as soon as I figure out where the hell you are. This castle has too many bathrooms.

Just as soon as I figure out where the hell you are. This castle has too many bathrooms.

Qualcomm puts affordable VR into the mass market

You probably know Qualcomm as the people who make the CPU in your Android phone. Honestly, I don’t really know what else they do. But here they are making a VR headset, and for some reason sticking with the “Snapdragon” name for it.

Oh right – that reason is because it’s powered by that same CPU. For those following along at home, this means that this is a self-contained device – the processor is already in there, which means you don’t need to be supplying the hardware, which means no PC, PS4 or smartphone required.

And also means its crap. Okay that part wasn’t in the brochure, and maybe they’ve managed to pull off something decent here – but I can’t imagine a headset with a smartphone built inside of it is going to come close to comparing to the HTC Vive hooked up to a monster rig.

And is VR without realistic, believable graphics worth it at all? I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve seen what this thing can do. Except I hate VR so maybe you guys can tell me instead.

Call of Duty: Infinite News

It’s that time of year when Activision sends the marketing machine into full tilt, and news of the latest Call of Duty game starts popping up everywhere.

Let’s start with the bad news – the multiplayer beta will not be coming to the PC. So while PS4 and Xbox One owners will be doing the try-before-you-buy, the masterrace will be playing Overwatch. Maybe this isn’t bad news after all.

Apparently the reason has something to do with spoilers, but I’m going to spoil it for you right now instead: SPOILER – the PC release will be broken.

On to the good news – the remastering of Call of Duty 4, also known as “the only good Call of Duty game made since 2007” will be featuring all 16 maps found in the original.

This is really the only thing that would make me buy Infinite Warfare at this point, but there’s no way in hell I’m shelling out for one of the “Deluxe” editions, so I’ll just be over here, playing Overwatch again. Nevermind, there is no good news. Just watch this 15 minute trailer and we’ll forget this ever happened.

EVE Online goes free-to-play

I know what you’re thinking – this wasn’t free already? For a game that’s basically a second job with crappy pay (like an investment banker moonlighting as a toilet cleaner), you’d think the least this chore-simulator could do is not charge you for the privilege.

Currently there’s some kind of trial system, which was doomed to fail. It’s like sending someone to a concentration camp for three months and then when the time is up asking them if they’d like to give you money to keep banging rocks together.

So out with the trial, in with the bring in ‘em and never let them escape freemium model, made popular by the likes of League of Legends. So NAG collective, are any of you EVE Online “players”? Explain yourselves in the comments.

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