Friday the 13th: The Game gets a gruesome, ultra ’80s new trailer

F13 Trailer

We first wrote about Friday the 13th: The Game last year when it hit Kickstarter looking for a hefty $700,000. We wrote about it again after over 10,000 backers helped it reach its goal, and its developers officially started work.

Now, a new trailer for the multiplayer horror game has emerged, and it’s a gore-stuffed murder montage of brutal proportions. It features Jason Voorhees donning a few of his most well-known (skins?) skins, set to some good old ’80s hair metal.

Before we get to the trailer, let’s take a look at some of the people involved in the project. First up we have a couple of veteran game developers who’ve worked for the likes of Ubisoft, Activision and Bethesda. Next, we have the man himself, Kane Hodder, who portrayed Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday the 13th movies, and will be lending his talents to the motion capture side of things. Two other horror film legends have also signed up – Tom Savini, who’s responsible for the special make-up effects in a host of iconic horror flicks including two Friday the 13th titles, and Harry Manfredini, who’s credited with the musical score and soundtrack of the original Friday the 13th.

Of course, none of this really matters until we actually get our hands on the game and see everything in action for ourselves. Until then, here’s that trailer:

Friday the 13th: The Game will be coming to PC, PS4 and XBO. It’s supposedly due sometime next month, but no promises.