Get a load of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s hot plasma all over your face

call of duty infinite warfare

Laser guns! Robots! SPAAAAAAAACE. It’s almost that Call of Duty time of the year again, so let’s dial up the Hype-O-Meter to 11 with two new trailers introducing Infinite Warfare‘s sci-fi remixed multiplayer. Phasers set to stun, people.

First up, a sizzle reel featuring lots of cyber commandos getting blam-blammed in time to a thumping soundtrack and super slo-mo closeups of the game’s five new future soldier classes.

Next, a commentary video that explains some of the game’s new systems and combat rig configs. Also, riot shields, power sliding, and splishy-splashy bloodsplosions. The best kind.

I skipped the last Call of Duty game because I didn’t even finish the two before that one, but this totally looks like my sort of thing. Should I get it, guys? YOU DECIDE. And then I’ll decide I probably don’t have time to play it, anyway. The Destiny expansion is out in two weeks or so, and Gears of War 4 and Titanfall 2 next month, and that’s me sorted until the end of the universe. Or, you know, my bank account.