No Place for Bravery gets gorgeous trailer

Bravery Cover

Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, Hyper Light Drifter and Super Time Force, the recently announced No Place for Bravery is a gorgeous roguelike action RPG. In development by The Glitch Factory, the game promises hard-as-nails combat, time travelling mechanics, and a great deal of atmosphere.

According to the game’s website, No Place for Bravery pits your team of doomed intrepid adventurers against “the godlike entities that are wiping out mankind”. The developers promise a different approach to world-building and role-playing, one where numbers, stats and grinding are entirely absent. Combat also features time control, and players can rewind time to issue orders, and essentially control the party simultaneously. Being a roguelike, the game will have a great deal of random events, and The Glitch Factory is hoping each player has a unique experience.

No Place for Bravery will gather its party and venture forth early next year on PC.

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