Hitman Episode 5

I played a Hitman game once, I don’t know what it was called, but I remember it being pretty fun. Apparently there have been many other Hitman games released since then, and the most recent one seems to think it’s a TV show, releasing episodes one by one.

Anyway, the latest episode has been revealed, and will see Agent 47 take out some (probably deserving) targets located on a farm in Colorado. The episode is called Freedom Fighters, and will be released later this month. Full details below.

According to a new post on the game’s official website, Freedom Fighters will be the penultimate episode in the series, and will be Agent 47’s “toughest assignment yet.”

The story mission for Episode 5 is titled “Freedom Fighters” and is not one to be taken lightly. Agent 47 must infiltrate a Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp. With four targets to locate and take out, this will be an intense infiltration mission and the toughest assignment yet for Agent 47

Hitman Episode 5 2

Along with the story end of things, players will also gain access to 70 challenges which they can complete to “unlock brand new gear, weapons and items for 47 to use in all existing locations”. The episode will also serve to move the game’s story along towards a “thrilling climax”.

The fifth episode of Hitman will be making its way onto consoles and PC on 27 September, and the game’s final episode will be set in Japan (huzzah!), and should be out later this year. Be sure to check out Matthew Vice’s review of the first episode right here.

Source: Hitman official website

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