Sony will today be hosting a PlayStation Meeting event, similar to the one they had in 2013 to announce the PlayStation 4, this evening at approximately 9PM South Africa time. Sony isn’t usually known for playing shy at these kinds of events – the last one announcing the PlayStation 4 was full of surprises from start to finish. It held easter eggs for fans such as the return of Crash Bandicoot to the PlayStation platform, as well as some sick burn thrown Microsoft’s way when it came to game sharing and ownership. This time, things are different. Sony is once again a juggernaut with no signs of reducing its dominance over the market, and it’s running this event after a much-publicised leak of the PS4 Slim, as well as early details about the PS4 NEO.

But at the same time, Microsoft is getting more aggressive with how they’re using their platform, they’re using Windows 10 to their advantage as well (as they should have been doing years ago), and they’re learning from previous mistakes in hardware selection. On both sides of the fence, consumer adoption of VR headsets is a big talking point, and one trend they cannot ignore. Sony has their solution for the PS4 launching soon, but Microsoft does not, and may possibly only have something ready towards the end of 2017. This is going to be an interesting inflection point for Sony, and the whole industry, as well as gamers around the world, will be watching.

You can watch the PlayStation Meeting 2016 event here on NAG, or on Sony’s various channels in a multitude of services. They have a Twitch and a Youtube channel that you can keep an eye on, although only the Twitch stream is live at this moment. I’ll add in the Youtube stream when it goes live, so check back here in about three hours’ time.

Twitch Stream

Sony’s meetings like this in the past have also been attended by media publications such as IGN, CVG, EuroGamer, Youtube, and even Twitch itself. None of those streams are up yet, but be sure to keep an eye on their respective feeds for the links.

As for us, we’ll be snuggling in blankets with coffee and rusks this evening, and a write-up going through the highlights will be available shortly afterwards. Stay tuned!

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