Microsoft’s being pretty catty right now about the whole PlayStation 4 Pro announcement


Did you catch Sony’s PlayStation Meeting yesterday? Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 Pro (known as the Neo during development), and it looks like a mighty machine. Well, it looks like a stepping stone, but its specs are decent.

The reveal was kind of a big deal, and I’m sure many fans are happy at the prospect of being able to play their games and media at 4K UHD. You know who’s not a fan of the new console? Microsoft (shocker). Shortly after the announcement, Xbox and Aaron Greenberg (the guy in charge of Xbox games marketing) took to Twitter to fire some not-so-subtle shots at the new console.

The PS4 Pro has many great things going for it, but being able to play 4K Blu-rays isn’t one of them. Microsoft was quick to point out that their new Xbox One S is very much capable of doing just that.

After the above tweet was sent out, Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for Xbox games, couldn’t resist joining in the action by tweeting the PS4 Pro’s specs along with a little something extra.

Very classy, you guys.

I highly doubt Sony will be all that bothered by the tweets, as my fellow popcorn-eating onlooker Wesley Fick points out: “[Microsoft] don’t have a counter to PS4 Pro for a year. So much butthurt because they wanted Zen.”

The PlayStation 4 Pro is slated for release on 10 November, and you can find its juicy details here.