Report claims Xbox Live is faster and more reliable than PlayStation Network, oh snap!


Hey, remember that article I wrote yesterday about Microsoft being big old meanies to Sony following the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Pro? Sure you do. Well, it seems that Microsoft has no intention of slowing down their ridicule train.

According to a study by IHS Markit, an analytics company, Xbox Live has the PlayStation Network beat in both speed and reliability. The report claims that “Xbox Live produced higher scores in overall quality than PlayStation Network in three out of four metrics.” The information has helped Microsoft come up with an aggressive new ad campaign as you can tell from the image at the top. More info below.

The study, which was conducted in July 2016 and shared by Microsoft yesterday, set out to see which online multiplayer platform offered superior network performance. The firm tested the two networks for reliability, speed, and overall quality.

The results of the tests show Xbox Live as having a noticeable lead over PlayStation Network in three out of four areas. XBL beat out PSN in reliability and speed for logging into the network, logging into the game server, and uninterrupted play. Finding a match and connecting to players is the only area where PSN had a slight advantage over the competition. The study included a few helpful graphs that illustrate the results.

In the end, the firm concludes that in the battle of PSN and Xbox Live, the latter comes out as the overall victor.

In the grand scheme of things, these results aren’t really game-changing, but they’re definitely something Microsoft must be loving right about now.


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