Meet Titanfall: Frontline, a strategy card battler coming to mobile


I’m not a fan of the original Titanfall. Back when it was first announced, I thought it looked like the most bad-ass thing I could possibly imagine. Then I found out EA was charging full price for a multiplayer-only title. Oh well. At least Titanfall 2 is set to include single player, and it looks great.

But I’m getting sidetracked. I’m fond of collectible card games, and lo and behold, Respawn Entertainment is working on Titanfall: Frontline, a “fast-paced head-to-head strategy card battler”.

Information is pretty sparse right now, and everything we know about it comes from the game’s official website. “Step into the Frontier War as the brigade Commander in a fast-paced head-to-head strategy card battler,” says the site. “Enlist familiar Commanders, like Sarah and Spyglass, and deploy your team of Pilots and Titans into combat as you aim to strategically outmaneuver opponents in real time PvP battles. Play burn cards, call down Titans, and experience an expanded Titanfall universe.”

Titanfall: Frontline will be free to play on iOS and Android. No release date has been announced, but our completely uneducated guess is that its launch might coincide with the release of Titanfall 2 on 28 October. Maybe. Just a hunch.

Source: Official website