Ready for more For Honor trailers?


Following up on the last batch of class-specific trailers for Ubisoft’s For Honor, a new trio of trailers has launched to show off another three warrior classes, one each from the Samurai, Knight and Viking factions.

First up is the Samurai class Orochi. These are the stereotypical Samurai, and are nimble fighters. Orochi wield katana, but it honestly looks closer to a tachi in terms of length and application. It’s a common mistake that many… no wait! Come back! Where are you going?

I’m sorry. Martial arts and weaponry are a passion of mine, and I get a little carried away. The Knight hero is the Conqueror, who pairs a flail and shield. Their backstory is that Conquerors are conscripted criminals, so equipping them with flails, weapons typically reserved for peasants, is quite an accurate move from Ubisoft. Wait, stay! That’s all I’ll say about flails. Promise.

The last trailer introduces the Viking Berserker, another nimble fighter. Now, I could explain that berserkers didn’t actually exist in the way modern culture depicts them, but I won’t. Oh wait, I just did. Silly me…

For Honor brings out the weapon nerd in me. It’ll bring out the weapon nerd in everyone else on 14 February 2017 when it launches for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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