Would you kindly watch this new BioShock: The Collection trailer?


I worked on that headline for hours. HOURS. You guys don’t even know. I also had “Is a man not entitled to this BioShock: The Collection trailer?” but that Ayn Rand objectivism gives me the shudders, and besides, a man chooses to watch a BioShock: The Collection trailer. A slave obeys, although I suppose they could be told to watch a BioShock: The Collection trailer, and they’d have to do it. But I’m not a man or a slave. I’m a woman. What now, huh? WHAT NOW, MR BUBBLES? Oh. I got outrageously unethical genetic experimentation and a permanent state of arrested development. Hurrah.

Anyway. BioShock: The Collection is out, and here’s a launch trailer to go with it. Jump into the water.

BioShock: The Collection includes the first two BioShock games and BioShock Infinite which I haven’t even finished playing because I’m a bad person, plus all the DLC, and features updated visuals for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Quantic Dream is launching its games on PC