gears of war 4

So, every Gears of War game features a “Seriously” achievement, and each iteration has been exponentially more bum-puckeringly absurd than its predecessors. That’s, like, the whole point or something. In the first game, for example, you had to get 10,000 kills in online multiplayer. In Gears of War 2, that was boosted to 100,000, and in Gears of War 3, it was reaching level 100 – not an unimpressive accomplishment itself – and earning every Onyx medal, which included over 6000 kills with most weapons, and playing 3000 matches of every game type. What’s next? This. Seriously? Seriously.

In an update on The Coalition’s Developer Blog, Seriously 4.0’s requirements are listed as:

  • Complete the campaign on Insane difficulty
  • Get to re-up 10
  • Earn all ribbons at least once
  • Earn a rank placement in each mode
  • Get all 5 classes to level 10
  • Level any 5 Horde skills to level 5
  • Complete all 10 ‘on-disc’ maps from wave 1-50 (any difficulty)

Some of those things actually aren’t so bad – finishing the game on Insane is okay, fine, whatever, and the Horde stuff is totally doable – but re-upping ten times? That means ranking up to 100, and starting over, ten times. Gah. No. I guess I’m a fake gamer now.

Game’s out on Xbox One and PC on 11 October.

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