Giblets: 13.2 million people played the Battlefield 1 beta


Statistically, about 100% (don’t quote me on that) of you participated in Battlefield 1‘s open beta a few weeks ago, and you probably loved it. Or you didn’t, but that doesn’t matter because I loved it. Well, I only played it for a total of two hours, but that doesn’t matter either.

What does matter, is that a crapton of players answered EA DICE’s call to arms. Exactly 13.2 million, in fact. That impressive number was announced yesterday in a thank you post on Battlefield 1‘s official website, which included a bunch of other interesting stats, and the news that the game’s light tank “performed a little too well,” and will almost definitely be nerfed.

Game will be out on 21 October for PC, XBO, and PS4.


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