Greetings NAGunklings, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week is the world’s most boring play of No Man’s Sky, Playstation exec talks upgradeable consoles, a new Overwatch clone surfaces, The Witcher gets Geralt’s face put on something you’d never expect, two videogame gambling promoters get arrested, PS4 Pro goes head to head with PC and somebody studies old gamers (like me). All that juicy gossip, some videos and highlights from the week – after this.

Man circumvents planet in No Man’s Sky, proves it to be most boring game on Earth

A redditor called Steambot made the absurd decision to spend 45 hours walking a circle around some random planet in No Man’s Sky.

He said of his travels that the second half was much better since he was headed back towards the ship, which really helped him to “power through”. At this point I feel the need to remind everyone that this is a game, something you play for FUN.

If the most exciting gameplay story to come out of No Man’s Sky this week is some guy traipsing over sand dunes for two straight days then yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

Upgradeable consoles? Probably not, says man in suit

When the new generation of consoles dropped, everybody pretty much thought that would be it for the next ten years or so – maybe ever.

Now with mid-cycle upgrades coming a mere two years in, many have speculated on the possibility of upgradeable components, presumably so they could make their very own PC that overheats in its plastic prison.

President of Playstation Andrew House said in an interview this week, however, that upgradeable consoles are “very tough for him to envisage at this point”.

House goes on to say that if you want the very best components, you’re probably going to get a PC. “The question you pose is, ‘Are you the sort of player that absolutely wants the very best in terms of graphical experiences on the games that you play?’ If the answer to that is, ‘Yes’, then I think PlayStation 4 Pro is worthy of consideration.

“By extension, what I was suggesting is that players answering ‘yes’ to that question inherently do tend to gravitate towards the PC, and perhaps do so at a certain point within the console lifecycle.”

As for the Xbox One crew, they too have no plans to implement anything of the sort, according to big cheese Phil Spencer.

Overwatch clones are out in force

As is custom in the gaming industry, every time one thing is super successful every company feels compelled to release their own crappy version of it.

For me this is always the worst with things like Overwatch because, really, why not just play Overwatch? How many options do we need?

Anyway, here’s another one called Paladins: Champions of the Realm and judging by this trailer it’s not just “inspired” by Overwatch, it seems to be aggressively trying to convince naïve gamers that it actually is Overwatch.

Geralt gets his own postage stamp

Yup, Poland made stamps cool again. Well, they weren’t ever really cool, but that’s how the idiom goes so cut me some slack here.

The Witcher 3 is confirmed to be Poland’s greatest export, and the postal service has finally decided to honour its contribution. It’s actually a big deal over there – there’s a following around the novels and TV shows and even Obama got Witcher 2 as a gift when he visited as Poland had run out of fancy pens.

As cool as this is, I haven’t used a stamp in like 20 years – and even a Witcher-themed one probably wouldn’t get me to start.

Videogame betting gets actual legal action

The poop hit the proverbial propeller a couple of months back when CS:GO’s multitude of gambling websites came under fire for essentially allowing and promoting underage gambling, getting by on the loophole that nobody takes games all that seriously and government institutions don’t realise digital gun skins can be worth R10K+

The UK Gambling Commission has sat up and taken notice at last, and two British men have been charged with offences under the UK Gambling Act. It’s unclear at this point with what website/game they were involved with, but the charges include promoting a lottery and inviting children to gamble.

Boom roasted.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – PS4 Pro vs PC

Spoiler – PC takes it. But how well does the Pro stack up? Honestly… not all that well.

You get your standard 30fps cap, an inability to handle native 4K due to the memory limitations of the PS4 Pro. Even the textures are pretty much in line with what you already get on Xbox One.

With Scorpio bringing a much more impressive 12GB of memory, Sony may find themselves in second place for the first time in a while. Now that the bad news is out of the way, check out this comparison video:

Old people less interested in competitive games

And by old, I mean me, apparently. According to a company that enjoys collecting this kind of mostly-useless data, interest in competitive multiplayer drops off steadily between ages 13 – 35.

The trend of losing interest is consistent in both genders, but with women the interest seems to drop off a lot earlier – by about 15 years.

Personally I still get a massive gamerection everytime I crush a 12 year old and tell him he’s a scrub in chat. Or she, I’m not sexist – my chat abuse is equal opportunity. I can’t help but feel paranoid that over the next four years I’m going to lose my penchant for fiercely competitive multiplayer games. I hope not.

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