Is there anything that hasn’t been remade in Doom? Cataclysmic family dinners at Xmas don’t count, because that’s already a level in Hell. Anyway, No Guy’s Sky is a Doom 2 mod that’s, basically, No Man’s Sky – it’s got randomly generated planets, resource mining, and even a “Center of the Universe” that’s arguably much more exciting than the other one because it’s got a proper sign and Ming the Merciless. And it’ll run on a Pentium II.

“Everything is randomly generated from an array, including the scenery, sky, floor, plans and aliens, etc.,” explains modder Robert Priest. “There is plenty more that can be added relatively simply, and due to the flipbook style randomisation on the creatures, each addition makes exponentially more creatures and possible planets, but I didn’t want to spend too long on this before releasing.”

You can download the mod here.

Via PC Gamer.

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