Greetings NAGubujus, and thanks for coming back for the abbreviated version of This Week In Gaming. My life is currently a whirling hellpool of misery and bone-crushing responsibility, but I didn’t want all that palpable to despair to dampen your Saturday morning and leave you with nothing to look at. So then, after the jump you’ll find all the news-in-video-form from the week previous, with as much news as I can fit in single-line descriptions. See ya next week.

Being in the Mafia isn’t all spaghetti and shooting faces – it’s really about making money. This new Mafia 3 trailer shows you how.

Titanfall 2 is going to be the best multiplayer shooter of whatever year it comes out. It’s coming this year? Well then RIP CoD. I’m calling it early. Look at this trailer to see what I’m talking about.

RPG veterans Obsidian are making something a little different with Tyranny – have a look at this behind the scenes dev diary and you’ll know what I mean.

Did you know Valve had a sweet capture-the-flag mod they held back on us this whole time? Called Threewave, it was inspired by the classic Quake mod and somehow never quite made it out of development, much like Half-Life 3. But it was recently unearthed and dusted off and polished, and now you can play it. Have a look.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is getting its first DLC, System Rift, and you can see what that’s all about with this new trailer.

Is Watch Dogs 2 terrible? Is it the greatest thing since cheese in a can? Thirty minutes of gameplay should help you figure it out.

Hitman‘s episodic approach seems to be going very well instalment, and the fifth takes place in the US. Here’s a disappointingly short teaser, with more promised on September 27th.

Have you heard of Nier: Automata? No, no me neither. It looks decidedly Japanese, but also decidedly cool.

FIFA is still a popular videogame, which is somehow¬†less baffling than soccer being a popular sport. I’d personally rather play Hatoful Boyfriend with Roman Polanski, but here’s some gameplay from the latest one.

Quantum Break is coming to Steam, and to celebrate they’ve put out this new “launch trailer”. So all you Windows 7 diehards who refused to compromise your morals, you too can now play Quantum Break. Yay?

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