Latest Watch Dogs 2 story trailer focuses on camaraderie, introduces villain


Okay, I can’t be the only one who’s getting ever so slightly more optimistic about Watch Dogs 2… I mean, I know I’ve mentioned the fact that I seriously disliked the original once or twice, but the new one is looking better and better every day. Maybe it’s just the same hype I felt about the last one before ultimately throwing it in the bin, but I really hope not.

Anyway, the villain of Watch Dogs 2 has been revealed in a new story trailer, and he’s called – get this – Dusan (pronounced the way you’re imagining it) Nemec. The trailer also shines the spotlight on the DedSec team you’ll be getting into all sorts of mischief with, and they seem cool, I guess.

Watch Dogs 2 will see you take control of Marcus Holloway who parties up with Dedsec, “an elite group of hackers engaged in a quest to shut down the plans of power hungry Blume CTO, Dusan Nemec and restore power to the people,” or so reads the video’s description.

The trailer itself is mostly just an extended version of the one showed off at this years’ Tokyo Game Show, with a bit of extra talking and dude with dreads wearing a gaudy, crustacean-covered shirt.

If gameplay is more your thing, you can check out half an hour’s worth of new footage right here.

Watch Dogs 2 will be out 15 November for PS4, XBO, and PC.

Source: Ubisoft on YouTube