NAG’s Most Wanted: Life’s Fall and Elvarin


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As part of my pre-event hype generation and data enrichment programming schedule, I will be presenting some of rAge 2016’s local indie development projects, including NAG Online’s own home_coded initiatives. Today, we will get hyped about Life’s Fall and Elvarin by Mingan Beyleveld. BLOOP BLEEP!


Name: Mingan Beyleveld
Game: Life’s Fall / Elvarin
Website: / (currently offline)

For the past year, I’ve been working on two games, Life’s Fall (developed by Mingan Games) and Elvarin (developed by Winter Horse studios). I originally planned to demo only Life’s Fall at rAge, but lately Elvarin’s development has progressed and I would like to demo the game, and receive some feedback on it as well.

Tell us more about Life’s Fall…

Life’s Fall is a first-person sandbox survival game, set in Africa. The player’s goal is to survive the African wilderness by scavenging and hunting for food and water, constructing shelter, fending off the wild beasts and eventually learning to tame the beasts of the African wild. 

It’s a massive game. The terrain is 64 square kilometers of hand-made African wilderness, consisting of multiple biomes, cities, towns, and ecosystems. The game features a complex wildlife AI with a The Sims-like need system and advanced pathfinding, all created from ground-up. Weather conditions and climates, networking, the taming system, ballistics, and physics were all made from scratch, using no external assets.

Life’s Fall will eventually feature an expansive tribal-inspired singleplayer campaign, as well sandbox multiplayer. It’s expected to launch on Steam Early Access in mid-2017.

And Elvarin?

The game is set in the world of Elvarin. A land filled with elves, dwarves, orcs and dragons – where players define their own story, by creating their own fully dynamic character and shaping them as the game progresses. Players can explore the expansive world, meet, and interact with the inhabitants of the kingdoms of Elvarin, and complete quest for gold and glory. As players progress their characters will unlock new skills and abilities, driven by the choices they make throughout the game.

Elvarin is designed to be a procedural game, allowing a huge number of players to enjoy the game and complete quests together. The game has reached a playable state, almost ready for alpha-testing. The game will be presented to the Steam community by Winter Horse Studios via Steam Greenlight, within the next few weeks.

Inspirations, realisations, and tribulations. Discuss.

My greatest asset, when I started these projects 18-months ago, was my unrealistic belief that I could complete them. After thousands of development hours and hundreds of iterations of each feature, everything is starting to come together.

At what point did you decide that “you know, mom, playing games is, like, fun and stuff, but now I want to make my own games”?

Elvarin started as a text-based game developed by an 11-year old Mingan while on holidays with his family, not being able to play games on his extremely outdated laptop. Life’s Fall was inspired by more than forty-four African safaris with my family. I’ve always wanted to make games.

Best game ever, EVER, ever?

Skyrim and Fallout are my favourite universes to escape to.

Dinosaurs attack. What’s your survival plan?

In the face of a dinosaur threat, I would start by punching the nearest tree with my hands to craft some basic tools using the mysterious implant in my arm. Tranquilising and taming a T-Rex would be my second objective.


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