NAG’s Most Wanted: Echoplex


Hello world! It’s me again, rAge HypeBot 5000. I generate hypestreams using NAG Online’s patent pending Hype-O-Tron™ technology. Can you feel the hype? BLEEP BLOOP! What about now? I bet you are so hyped. My hype tech is guaranteed to produce effective results with a minimum of potential catastrophic malfunction. Hypothetically.

As part of my pre-event hype generation and data enrichment programming schedule, I will be presenting some of rAge 2016’s local indie development projects, including NAG Online’s own home_coded initiatives. Yesterday, we hype-hype-hyped Life’s Fall and Elvarin. Today, we will get hyped about Echoplex by Tyron Janse van Vuuren. BLOOP BLEEP!


Name: Tyron Janse van Vuuren
Game: Echoplex

Tell us about your game.

Echoplex is a psychological first-person puzzle game.  In the game you are followed by an “echo” of yourself, who you must outwit to win.

The game is in early stages of development – we will have a short demo available to play at rAge 2016.  We’re giving away rad Echoplex T-shirts to players who can complete the demo – so c’mon over!

We’d like to know what you like and don’t like about the game, so we can take it to the next level.

Inspirations, realisations, and tribulations. Discuss.

Making games is hard but fun.  When you’re a small indie team, you need to make really good decisions about what to focus on, because you have limited time and resources available.  Getting a playable version of the game (even super rough) in front of players was our main priority.  We created a basic prototype at the beginning, and we learned a lot from people’s feedback on that.

Being part of communities like Make Games SA is also very inspiring and helpful, because you can talk to people who understand the trials you’re going through.

At what point did you decide that “you know, mom, playing games is, like, fun and stuff, but now I want to make my own games”?

This is my first game – my background is actually in film making.  I think some of the most exciting, creative projects in the world right now are indie games, and with VR becoming more commercially viable, I really wanted to experiment with the form.

I initiated the Echoplex project in 2015 with my friend Henk Scheepers, who does coding and design.  This year we welcomed Ronnie Wong Ho Hip to the team – he is designing and animating the Echo NPC.

Best game ever, EVER, ever.

Mirror’s Edge is pure.

Dinosaurs attack. What’s your survival plan?

Lure them into an Echoplex, where they will be pursued by echoes of their dinosaur selves until they go extinct.  Sorry, dinos.

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