Battlefield 1 campaign info released alongside glorious trailer


I’ve covered a lot of Battlefield 1 news in the past few weeks, and I couldn’t help but include little anecdotes in each piece about how hopelessly in love I am with the game. I mean, it’s not even out yet, and I’m practically standing outside its bedroom window blaring Peter Gabriel. But in the interest of unbiased journalism, I’ll try to tone it down a bit.

OMG THE CAMPAIGN FOR BATTLEFIELD 1 LOOKS FRIGGIN AMAZINGSAUCE! Well, that didn’t last long. Seriously though, EA DICE recently released some tantalising new info about the game’s single-player mode, as well as a dramatic new trailer that easily makes it into my list of top five list of best game trailers ever.

Everyone’s attention is firmly focussed on Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer, as it should be, that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time after all. But a great single-player campaign is always appreciated, and judging by the new info and footage, that’s exactly what we’re in for. First, let’s have a look at the aforementioned trailer, shall we? We shall.

In the official blurb, EA DICE explained some of what can be seen in the trailer, like the focus on multiple protagonists, as well as what looks to be a much more personal connection with each character.

In Battlefield 1 you’ll experience a series of what we call War Stories: personal stories focusing on different protagonists with unique backgrounds and skills. While our characters are at war, the stories in Battlefield 1 are personal. They’re about people rather than history or battles.

The developers say that in order to create stronger characters, they invoked “classic cinematics that lets you see your character more than in first-person-theater,” and that they want players to “see and feel what the characters are going through, rather than just experiencing it from behind their eyes.”


According to the post, the single-player mode is heavily inspired by the game’s multiplayer experience, which essentially means that players will be able to make decisions and approach certain objectives the way they see fit.

The blurb also talks about a certain historical figure named Lawrence of Arabia, you may have heard of him. Well, it seems that Lawrence will find himself in a bit of a situation somewhere during the campaign, at which point you’ll be thrust into the role of his right-hand woman, who’ll need to use all the tools at her disposal to help bring things to a climactic end. More info can be found here. It’s all rather thrilling really.

Battlefield 1 heads to PC, PS4, and XBO on 21 October.

Source: Battlefield

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