Cyberpunk 2077 may have multiplayer and vehicles


CD Projekt RED has stayed relatively tight-lipped about the upcoming and wildly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. At this point, all we know is that it’s a huge project, and that it’s still quite a while from release. Fortunately, various sources hint at some gameplay features the game may have.

The first comes courtesy of, who translated an entry from a Polish financial grant application. One of the applications was filled out by CD Projekt S.A. (short for “Société anonyme“), and the translation is as follows:

City Creation – comprehensive technology for the creation of “live”, playable in time Real, a city of great scale, which is based on the principles of artificial intelligence and automation, and takes into account the development of innovative processes and tools supporting the creation of high-quality games with open world.

That isn’t the only application made by CD Projekt; later in the document they request funding for “Seamless Multiplayer” which includes matchmaking, multiple game modes, and dedicated systems. They are also seeking funding to incorporate “Cinematic Feel”, essentially tools to make the game SUPER pretty, and “Animation Excellence“, which is fairly self-explanatory. You can insert your 30fps jokes here now.

In other Cyberpunk 2077 hype rampant speculation news, several careers posted by CD Projekt are seeking applicants for vehicle gameplay designers, and vehicle gameplay programmers. Both of these openings strongly suggest that vehicle driving, flying, and combat, will feature in the final game.

If you understand Polish, check out the grant application in full here. Honestly, if CD Projekt just made Gwent a freemium game with microtransactions, they would rake in all the money they need in a matter of hours.

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