NAG’s Most Wanted: Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale


Hello world! It’s me again, rAge HypeBot 5000. I generate hypestreams using NAG Online’s patent pending Hype-O-Tron™ technology. Can you feel the hype? BLEEP BLOOP! What about now? I bet you are so hyped. My hype tech is guaranteed to produce effective results with a minimum of potential catastrophic malfunct10n. Hypoth3tic%lly.

As part of my pre-event hype generation and data enrichment programming schedule, I will be presenting some of rAge 2016’s local indie development pr0jects, including NAG Online’s own home_coded initiative$.  Today, we will get hyped about Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale by our very own former NAG editor Geoff Burrows. BLO0P BLEEP!


Name: Zero Degrees Games
Game: Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale

Tell us about your game.

Among the Innocent is a first-person adventure thriller that takes place on an abandoned farmstead in the eastern Free State, South Africa. It combines classic point-and-click adventuring with modern first-person games, and marks the beginning of an epic series, together called The Stricken Tales.

Inspirations, realisations, and tribulations. Discuss.

I have many of those, especially the tribulations part! (Game development is hard, for the record). Among the Innocent was largely inspired by the closure of NAG Magazine, of which I used to be the editor. When that wonderful part of my life came to an end, I decided to make the leap into full-time game development. So I drew from my extensive history of adventure gaming on PC, as well as some of the thoughts that were rattling around in my head at the time. The result is a game that I think hits a perfect blend of dark, atmospheric storytelling with classic, sometimes lighthearted adventure game mechanics.

At what point did you decide that “you know, mom, playing games is, like, fun and stuff, but now I want to make my own games”?

I’ve been playing games since I can remember, and started tinkering with game development from the day I could string together a sentence. I wrote my first game by slicing up chunks of code from a book of BASIC example code (yes, a book). I don’t remember the exact premise but it was a text-based adventure in which you played as a pretty tough dude who walked around town and picked fights with other pretty tough dudes. It had an ASCII-based map system, inventory, and even randomly-generated combat encounters – I thought it was pretty cutting edge for its time!

From there, the move to game development has been a long, ever-growing process in my life, sometimes side-tracked, but generally moving in the direction I now face with certainty.

Best game ever, EVER, ever.

You can’t just ask me that! Okay, it’s Fallout 2. No it’s definitely Final Fantasy VII. Okay fine, it’s GTA: San Andreas. No, wait – Quest for Glory II.

Dinosaurs attack. What’s your survival plan?

Stay very, very still.