Giblets: Doom’s bad-ass soundtrack has finally been released

As I explained in the comments for Lord Dane’s review of the Doom reboot, I would have personally rated the game a 95 out of 100. I’d rate it that not because it’s an absolute blast to play, and a masterpiece of a reboot (though it totally is both those things), I’d give it 95 gold stars for the soundtrack alone. It’s fantastic, and probably my favourite game soundtrack of the past decade.

And now it’s finally here, thanks to Mick Gordon, the game’s soundtrack producer and composer. At the time of writing this sentence, he’s uploaded 18 of the 31 tracks that feature on the album, right onto his YouTube Channel complete with in-game footage, and a look at his insane guitar skills. The full soundtrack (including all 31 tracks) is already available on iTunes for R79.99, as well as on Google Play for R49.99. You can also listen to the entire album for free on Spotify (you’ll need to log in).

Source: Mick Gordon on YouTube