NAG’s Most Wanted: Earth-2


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As part of my pre-event hype generation and data enrichment programming schedule, I will be presenting some of rAge 2016’s local indie development pr0jects, including NAG Online’s own home_coded initiative$.  Today, we will get hyped about Earth-2 by River Smith. BLO0P BLEEE3EP! </error> </hypeoverload> <CORE UNSTABLE>


Name: River Smith
Game: Earth-2
Website: [Link]

Tell us about your game.

Earth-2 is an action adventure role-playing game set in a post-cataclysmic Earth slowly rebuilding itself to what it once was, while still trying to adjust to challenges the new world has to offer.

Inspirations, realisations, and tribulations. Discuss.

Well starting from the worst of it, the first thing I probably realised is when you’re working towards a strict deadline you have to change the way your brain works from “oh this would be cool” to more of an “okay, this is what I need to put in to make it an enjoyable 20 minute experience for the person playing”. But after that, it was a pretty stereotypical light bulb going off in my head situation. It made itself clearly apparent in my thick skull that this was the way to approach the design of the game moving forward. I just had to assess each previous gameplay design choice and make sure the next was equally exciting while steadily increasing the difficulty.

At what point did you decide that “you know, mom, playing games is, like, fun and stuff, but now I want to make my own games”?

I’m not sure really, but I do remember reading The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings and watching Star Wars as a child, and being fascinated by not just the individual stories but by how they created whole universes filled with characters and super-badass mythical creatures. It creates a lasting idea in your head, like, even though those books are finished, those characters and worlds keep on living. Or some deep crap like that. Games are just fun. Who wouldn’t wanna make something fun?

Best game ever, EVER, ever.

That’s a really messed up question, there’s no way to sum that up in one answer. But… Vampire : The Masquerade Bloodlines. Definitely Vampire : The Masquerade Bloodlines

Dinosaurs attack. What’s your survival plan?

Pray to some mystical deity and assume fetal position , because I obviously didn’t play enough ARK to deal with this shit.