This Week In Gaming [Video Roundup]


Greetings NAGulintites, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. Every now and then I put out these “abbreviated” versions of the weekly news when general life things become overwhelming and suck my time like an obese vampire, and this is the first time in 3 years of doing this that I’ve had to do two back to back. Next time you see me we’ll back to our regularly scheduled programming, but for now enjoy this big old batch of videos with some news tidbits crammed in between.

This Mafia III video will show you how to “own the battlefield”. Which is a weird thing to say for a game about the Mafia. Maybe things have changed.

Sony’s own Playstation VR is launching on October 13, and their launch title Here They Lie looks creepier than Dane in a Speedo.

I’ve never played a WWE game, but this WWE2K17 video preview is making me think I’ve been missing out.

Let’s do a full 180 and look at Dishonored 2 – the stealthy approach.

And back to all-out chaos, with this bitching Titanfall 2 video. Although, to be honest, it could do with more action and less talking heads.

Virgina is a game I’ve never heard of, but it seems like a sweet narrative ride and that has me interested. In this video, a critic appreciates the clever editing the game uses to make a more powerful story (no spoilers).

Meanwhile, inXile gives us an early look at The Bard’s Tale IV.

Battlefield videos aren’t old yet, right? Here’s two sweet ones I hadn’t seen yet.

For something a little more, let’s say, abstract, check out this clean-looking tank battle simulator coming for PSVR.

Finally, Forza 3 gets the PC vs Xbox One treatment, which may help you make your choice if you’re on the fence about the platform. Or if you just want to gloat about PC looking better, this video works for that too.