Here’s 12 minutes of beautiful gameplay from Battlefield 1’s campaign


Around 12 minutes of new Battlefield 1 campaign footage has made its way onto YouTube, and it’s the best 12 minutes you’ll spend today. Included in the video is footage from the game’s prologue, called Storm of Steel. It’s hugely impressive and thought-provoking.

The footage made its way into the hands of YouTuber Westie at TwitchCon, and shows that DICE has put in a lot of effort to make Battlefield 1‘s single-player experience as memorable (if not more memorable) than its multiplayer.

It starts off with a sobering reminder of the events that transpired over a century ago: “More than 60 million soldiers fought in “The War to End All Wars.” It ended nothing. Yet it changed the world forever. What follows is frontline combat. You are not expected to survive.”

Battlefield 1 focuses on multiple protagonists in what DICE calls “War Stories”. The Storm of Steel prologue runs with this idea, and each time you die in the mission, you’re thrust into the role of another soldier on the battlefield. This is no doubt an effort to illustrate the countless lives that were lost during the war.

Battlefield 1 is expected to launch on 21 October for PC, PS4 and XBO.

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