rAge 2016: MSI Gaming Workshop


So you’re at rAge, right? It’s a gaming event, your friends tell you, but it’s not just console gaming. rAge, in fact, is pretty much dominated by the PC Master Race, with over 2,000 people bringing in their towers to the LAN, and several well-known PC vendors setting up their booths on the showroom floor to sell you shiny, shiny things. But the question then arises: how do I build my own PC? Where do I stick the things? Where do I plug the connectors in? How do I do this XMP thing for the memory? Well, all these questions and more can be answered for you at MSI’s Gaming Workshop, which will be running a short program that anyone can take to learn how to build a computer from separate parts, and how to perform some basic tuning to get things working properly. Hit the jump for more details!

Running the event will be MSI marketing project manager and overclocking expert, Christopher “Pepinorang” Besse, as well as South Africa’s #1 extreme overclocker, Andrew “DrWeez” Roberts. They’ll take you through two stages in your session: PC Building 101, and PC Tuning 101. Building 101 focuses on the parts and attaching kit like water cooling, while Tuning 101 focuses on getting your ideal BIOS settings right, as well as a walkthrough of MSI’s software for Windows.

They’ll show you what to do, which plugs to use, which plugs to most definitely never plug into the wrong place, and how to keep things clean and functioning. PC building has become less of an art as time goes by, but it’s still more rewarding to see the boot-up logo after your hard work putting things together, rather than taking a fully configured system out of the box and plugging it in. Learning how to do it will save you money in the long run, and having a hand in your build personally helps you identify where to begin troubleshooting later on.

They might also have some advice about the itch that starts once you’re done with a build, with all the cables neatened up and tucked away, to immediately upgrade and have the whole experience again. For people like me, it’s therapeutic. For others, it’s an adrenaline rush. There’s nothing more heart-pounding than bending a LGA pin on the socket and putting it back in place with a fine blade.


With the help of their partners: Intel, NVIDIA, Corsair, NAG and BenQ, the MSI stand promises to be one of the most exciting stops for PC enthusiasts this weekend, and there’s something extra in it for you – if you participate in the workshop, you’ll automatically enter your name into the grand prize draw of a gaming rig worth R14,000, built by DrWeez personally. In addition, all participants get discounts on select MSI motherboards and graphics cards at a participating retailer, and there’s a goodie bag in it for you as well. And a free copy of Total War: Warhammer. Hmmmm…

How do you enter? Visit MSI’s rAge Expo site via this hyperlink and register yourself for one of the sessions! You’ll have to attend one of the sessions in person to be eligible for the free game code. Sign me up!

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