Star Citizen’s story campaign has been delayed

star citizen

In news that nobody could ever have predicted, ever, Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts announced at CitizenCon last night that Star Citizen‘s single-player campaign Squadron 42 won’t be out in 2016, and no new launch date has been confirmed.

“As much as we wanted to have Squadron 42 for this year, it’s not going to be this year,” he said, adding that none of the campaign’s 28 chapters were finished in time for the event. Gasp.

First announced in 2013, the (… maybe too?) ambitious Squadron 42 features a who’s-who cast of Hollywood actors, including Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, and Gary Oldman, and has been described by the developers as a “true spiritual successor to Wing Commander”. Back in December 2015, it was decided to separate the campaign from the Star Citizen MMO stuff, and release it as a standalone or add-on product instead, with an expected drop sometime this year. But no, more delays.

In July, one unimpressed player managed to get a $2500 (!) refund from Cloud Imperium Games, claiming that “the product remains unfulfilled and no longer constitutes the product(s) I originally purchased”, and that thing I wrote managed to generate a micro-controversy on Twitter by two or three guys who apparently spend a lot of time on Google looking for articles about Star Citizen that don’t exclusively prescribe uncritical adoration and gushing endorsement for a game that isn’t even properly out yet, so they can look them up on social media and tell them what’s what. “No wonder I’ve never heard of you,” sneered one guy. I bet Chris Roberts has never heard of him.

Via Eurogamer.

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