Giblets: Mass Effect Andromeda’s release date leaked

mass effect andromeda ryder

Maybe. But probably. Even almost definitely. Okay, so Dark Horse Comics has previously collaborated on a bunch of Mass Effect stuff with BioWare, and ahead of Mass Effect Andromeda‘s launch, the company is now advertising its companion hard cover art book on Amazon. The product listing reveals two important things:

  1. “Dark Horse will release The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda simultaneously with the game!” (I’ve bolded the relevant text. Keep reading for the stunning exposé.)
  2. The release date for the book is 21 March.

Now, I’m not a warp physics scientist, Commander, but if the book and the game are expected to be out at the same time, and the book is out on 21 March, that means the game is out on 21 March too. Also, 21 March 2017 is a Tuesday, and games usually launch on Tuesdays in the US.

It’s Bioware’s annual N7 Day on 7 November, so we’ll find out for real soon enough. But when they announce the game’s out on 21 March, you can be, like, “I KNEW IT”. Because you totally knew it. Unless it’s a different date, obviously, but I’ll edit this article to change it and you’ll be convinced you’re from some alternate reality where you chose the other colour explosion instead.

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