Overwatch now has 20 million registered players

overwatch cover

Blizzard’s multiplayer shooty-banger is officially kind of a big deal, with the company’s announcement that the game now has over 20 million registered players, 19.9 million of whom hate Tracer. Okay, I made up the last thing, but everybody hates Tracer except the people who play Tracer and everybody hates them too. You’re the worst, Tracer and people who play Tracer. GET OFF MY TURRET.

The announcement coincides with the launch of Overwatch’s Halloween event, which is happening from now until 1 November, and adds a new co-op “Junkenstein’s Revenge” Brawl mode and some spooOooky skins to unlock for every character.

In a developer update video last week, game director Jeff Kaplan also talked about a lot of upcoming changes and balance fiddling already in the works, including a revamping of Symmetra’s play mechanics to “explore some other thing that might be a little more dramatic”. Blizzard is also prepping at least four new maps and one new character, assumed to be the elusive Sombra (… again).

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