Friday the 13th: The Game pushed to 2017, single-player mode in the works


Remember last month’s trailer for the crowdfunded Friday the 13th game? Of course you do.

Back then the game was slated for release sometime this month. Don’t furiously stab the messenger or anything, but the game’s developers have decided to delay its release to 2017 because they’re “making this game even bigger”.

Friday the 13th was originally intended to be a multiplayer-only kill-fest where players control either the infamous Jason Voorhees himself, or one of his soon-to-be victims. But fans apparently wanted more. On the game’s Kickstarter page, developers Gun Media and IllFonic explain some of what they’ll be adding to the game:

Friday the 13th: The Game will feature the multiplayer experience that we’ve been building to date; but we’re also announcing that we’re adding a single player experience and the inclusion of AI bots!!! We’ve heard it from many fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our own Forums, Reddit, in person at various conventions… You want offline play and Single Player, and we’ve listened and found a way to accommodate it in the budget and our schedule.”

They’ve outlined an estimated release timeline, stating that a multiplayer beta should kick off later this year, with a full multiplayer release scheduled for early next year. The single-player mode (along with the AI-controlled bots) should launch a few months later. Head over here for more details.

Friday the 13th: The Game is headed to PC, PS4 and XBO.