Local indie game Polygod is out now on Steam Early Access


If you missed this one in our pre-rAge hype indie game feature series, Amplify Games’ Polygod is a randomly generated, roguelike FPS with arena multiplayer, inspired by retro-hard shooters and the works of metaphysical surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico. And it’s free if you’ve unlocked certain achievements in The Binding of Isaac. Wait. What?

“I really loved The Binding of Isaac and I think Polygod will resonate well with players that also really enjoyed The Binding of Isaac,” said developer Dominic Obojkovits. “Because of this, I want to reward the most dedicated players with a copy of Polygod.”

To claim a freebie copy of the game, you’ll need to have one or more of these achievements:

  • Hard Game
  • Eternal Satan
  • Eternal Cain
  • Eternal Isaac
  • Eternal ???
  • Eternal Maggy
  • Eternal Eve
  • Eternal Samson
  • Eternal Judas
  • Eternal God
  • Eternal Personalities

So definitely only the “most dedicated”, but if that’s you, hit up Atomicdomb on Steam using the account attached to the achievements, and blam. Free game. For everybody else, it’s on special for the moment at just under one hundred randbucks. Treat yo’ self.