Hark ye, and tremble, for – lo! –  the first Horseman of the Apocalypse has been unleashed. Wait. Is the first Horseman Pestilence or War? Apparently that’s a matter of some theological debate, although I think either one of them works, so whatever. Actually, maybe this is a megamix of both. Like, Pestiwar. Or Warstilence. BUT YOU SHALL KNOW IT BY ITS EARTH REALM NAME, CANDY CRUSH SAGA: THE TV GAME SHOW.

US network broadcaster CBS, Lionsgate studio, and Candy Crush Saga publisher King have announced that the mobile game will be adapted into a TV game show, with Fear Factor producer Matt Kunitz attached to the project. According to a report over on Ars Technica, the show will have “teams of two people us[ing] their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards featuring next generation technology to conquer Candy Crush and be crowned the champion”.

Obviously that means finding people who will own up to playing Candy Crush Saga, so whether it’ll ever make it to TV is a whole other thing.