Tarryn recently wrote a thing about a GTA V mod that switches out sticky bombs for Galaxy Note 7s. You know, because the devices (“allegedly”) spontaneously combust with the fury of glorious hellfire. It was all in good fun, and the post included a video of the mod in action.

Well, Samsung was not impressed. Try to watch the video now, and you’ll be greeted by this message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its affiliates.” Oh Samsung, one does not simply remove a video from the Internet. Another video is below, along with the original uploader’s response to the takedown.

The original video was uploaded by sdaddy345, and after it was nuked, he took to Reddit to voice his disappointment. “I’m pretty bummed out, this video is what made my small channel grow.” He’s filed a counter-claim, but believes it’ll take at least ten days to amount to anything.

The takedown is rather silly, and Samsung couldn’t possibly have all footage of the mod removed from YouTube. sdaddy345 explains that “no logo, image or even the word ‘Samsung’ was uttered/shown in the video. It’s pretty much the same thing as this video, which is just a GTA V player throwing the phone at cars and blowing them up.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Samsung flags other videos showcasing the mod, but honestly, they’d only be making things worse for themselves. [FUN FACT! This is an actual thing called the Streisand effect. – Ed.]

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