So, hey, remember this one from our NAG’s Most Wanted rAge hypehypehype feature series? It’s out now on Greenlight with a demo, so you can go vote to get it all up in your Steam face.

The game’s a psychological first-person puzzle-’em-up by Joburg indie developers Tyron Janse van Vuuren, Henk Scheepers, and Ronnie Wong Ho Hip, and it’s even available in Chinese.

“In the Echoplex, you’re followed by an echo of yourself who repeats everything you do. Activate a switch to unlock a door, and your Echo will activate the same switch a few seconds later, locking the door again,” reads the game blurb, which kind of also describes me when I’ve had too much to drink. “Your Echo is always getting closer – and if it catches up to you, the game is over. You must use strategy and timing to outsmart your Echo and escape the Echoplex.”

Hit the jump for an intensely trippy trailer.

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