Giblets: Red Dead Redemption is coming to PC (and PS4), but there’s a major catch


Ha! Suck it, Tarryn! [You mean Miklos. Suck it, Tank. – Ed.] Turns out the original Red Dead Redemption will, in fact, be heading to PC. You can keep your precious consoles! Oh wait, what’s that Sony? It’ll only be available through the PlayStation Now streaming service, which isn’t supported in South Africa (yet)? Hmm, well this is embarrassing… Anyway, yes, the game is coming to PC and PS4 “soon”, but it won’t be South African PCs and PS4s.

The information comes from the PlayStation blog, which also revealed that PS4 users will “get first access to earn select online content in the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2” when it launches late next year. Check out the trailer for RDR 2 right here.

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