QNA: What’s the first game you ever played?


How is it already Monday, anyway? I swear, it was Friday night, like, five minutes ago. At the rate things are going, I won’t even have time to complain about the rate things are going before we’re all bar-coded, shaved, and relocated to a shipping container ghetto in some inevitable dystopian future police state.

So, let’s get nostalgic instead with the inaugural edition of what I’ve ingeniously decided to call “QNA”, because it’s, you know, a questions [a]n[d] answers thing and also because the acronym looks totally sci-fi. And also because when that inevitable dystopian future police state gets here, I can sell your data to the government for extra ration coupons. Everybody wins! I mean, I do.

I’ll go first.

I don’t know. Not exactly. I was probably about five or six when my dad brought home our first PC, and this was back in the ’80s. I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning, much less what I was playing about a million years ago. I do remember that we had this floppy disk compendium called PC Arcade, featuring monochrome versions of Space Invaders and Tetris and a bunch of other stuff, and a game called Telepaint that… wasn’t actually a game.

About a year or so after that, though, we got a pirated copy of King’s Quest I from some neighbours that I never managed to finish because I got stuck in the water at bottom of the well and didn’t know what to do next. Apparently, as I discovered later, the solution to that immensely confounding puzzle was to type the command “dive”. Shut up, I was a kid, and GameFAQs wasn’t even invented.

Your turn.

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