Titanfall 2 is out this week, but the launch day update could take forever to download

titanfall 2

… If you’re on dialup, maybe, because it’s only 88 MB. That’s the dinkiest launch date update since, what, like, ten years ago? Actually, when I started writing for NAG about ten years ago, I was on dialup, so probably not that long. In fact, launch date updates didn’t even exist then. Neither did any other kind of updates, mostly. You kids with your hypernets and GameStation 9000s don’t even know.

The news comes via Respawn boss Vince Zampella, who, uh, warned Twitter about the update size.

You know what, though? My first ever PC hard drive was 80 MB, and I remember my dad telling me I’d “never need more space than that”. This was around the same time that the impossibly enormous Space Quest III shipped out on two high-density floppy disks. Two! What a sci-fi extravagance.

Titanfall 2 is robostomping out on Friday on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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