Are you watching Black Mirror?


Because you should be. I mean, I told you to watch Stranger Things, and I bet you loved that, so you know I know what I’m talking about. Okay, so, imagine a not too distant future – maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe on Twitter in five minutes – where technology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Now, imagine that everything you do were rated on an app by the people around you. Not just that lame photo of your breakfast, or that one time you were drunk Facebooking about your sleazy ex. No, everything. And that rating determines your actual, real life social status. It’s not exactly hard to imagine, is it?

That’s one episode.

The show debuted on Channel 4 in the UK back in 2011, but it lurked in cultish obscurity until Netflix commissioned a third series in September 2015, and launched it globally over the weekend, alongside the previous two seasons. Every episode features its own narrative and cast, although the cynically satirical, not entirely speculative “… this could probably happen, you know” techno-dystopian theme is consistent throughout. And it’s relentlessly bleak. Seriously, you’ll feel anxious and grimy when the credits roll. Just in time for date night!

Go binge.

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