You should know the drill by now: if you’ve got an Xbox One or Xbox 360, and an active Xbox LIVE Gold membership, you get four free games every month. Huzzah! November’s freebies include dungeons, monkeys, dragons and ghosts.

To kick things off, we have two fine XBO titles. I mean, I think they’re fine, I’ve never actually played either of them. The first is called Super Dungeon Bros (get it November 1-30) and is a “rock-themed dungeon brawler” that looks legitimately bad-ass. The second is Murdered: Soul Suspect (16 November to 15 December), which is essentially a ghostly detective simulator, or at least that’s what I can gather from Wikipedia.

The 360 offerings are where things start to get really interesting. First up is the superbly ’80s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (November 16-30), which I thoroughly enjoyed way more than should be legal. The final game to join the party is Monkey Island: SE (November 1-15). I’m recommending this one purely because I know I’ll catch some serious flak from the crusty old farts more seasoned gamers here if I don’t.

Monkey Island: SE and Blood Dragon are both available on XBO thanks to backwards compatibility.

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