Watch Dogs 2’s latest trailer explores San Francisco, includes puppies


You’d think that after the many millions of Watch Dogs 2 trailers that have already been released, I’d be sick of it all by now. Well, you’d be wrong! Sort of. I mean, I’m definitely sick (some kind of Monster-resistant flu thing), but that’s inconsequential.

Anyway, Ubisoft has released another trailer for the game, this time focussing on the city where you’ll be doing all of the hacking things. The trailer goes over some of the various activities you’ll be able to participate in, some of the people you’ll be running into, and OH MY GAWD IS THAT A PUPPY!?

“Only one rule around here” explains game protagonist Marcus Holloway. “Tech rules everything. Tech is power. And with power comes corruption. Corporations manipulating data and citizens on a massive scale, making their world better, and ours worse. It’s time we take back control. I got this. I can hack anyone, I can hack anything, this place is a playground for a guy like me.”

Oh, and did I mention there’s a puppy at the end there? Because there totally is.

So cute.

Watch Dogs 2‘s PC release has been delayed to 29 November because of “enhancements“, but thankfully the console release is still right on track for 15 November.

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