Just look at these PS4 controllers…


PlayStation has just unveiled their line of third-party PS4 controllers, developed specifically with eSports in mind. The Razer Raiju and the Nacon Revolution bring a whole heap of bells, whistles, and features. A post on the PlayStation Blog went into detail about the devices, outlining what they offer for competitive players.

Let’s look at the Razer Raiju first, which bears a striking resemblance to their Xbox One offering. The controller adds two extra triggers, extra detachable bumpers, shortcut buttons, and a braided USB cord allowing plug-n-play use with any PS4 system. There’s no recommended retail price, but the Razer Wildcat sells for R2,080. Given their similarity, that seems to be a reasonable ballpark estimate. The Razer Raiju launches sometime this holiday season.


The Nacon Revolution swaps the left analogue stick and the D-Pad, creating a far more Xbox-like layout. The controller features four shortcut buttons, four programmable profiles for different control setups, an adjustable weight, and it also has a USB cable, but with a much more robust connector. Like the Raiju, the Revolution shares very similar design elements with Nacon’s other two gamepads. The Nacon Revolution also launches this holiday season, and the price hasn’t been announced yet.


Source: PlayStation Blog.

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