Lick people’s faces off as a Cacodemon in Doom’s Hell Followed DLC


Way back in August, Doom‘s first multiplayer-focused DLC Unto the Evil — which saw players use runes to become a devastating Harvester demon — was released.

Well, the game’s second multiplayer DLC called Hell Followed was launched yesterday, and with it came a few hellish goodies. The pack includes three new maps, a new weapon, hack modules, armour, taunts, a new piece of equipment, and will finally give players the ability to transform into the dreaded Cacodemon. A bad-ass trailer and more details after the jump.

First, let’s take a look at those maps, courtesy of the game’s official website:

  • Templar: Battle among ancient burial ruins of the Templar, where statues of heroes past overlook the machinery of a fallen society.
  • Molten: Clash in a world littered with volcanic temples and fight inside a crumbling facility dedicated to harnessing energy from the lava that envelopes the entire planet.
  • Orbital: Fight in low gravity aboard a robotic station in deep space. Surprise opponents from above, but be careful not to fall into the vastness of space below.

The new weapon is called the Reaper and it might just be the coolest looking weapon in the game, and should look great with your new Cyberdemonic armour. The Threat Pulse is the game’s latest piece of equipment and serves to highlight your closest foes through walls. The biggest highlight of the pack by far is being able to play as the Cacodemon, which is described in the blurb thusly: “Become the iconic flying demon. Roast your enemies by shooting ball-lightning, or devour them up close with a grabbing tongue attack.”

Hell Followed is the second of three paid multiplayer DLCs currently planned for the game.

Doom: Hell Followed is out right now on PS4, XBO, and PC. You can get it as part of the season pass for R699, or as a standalone for R256.

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