Local game A Day in the Woods hits Steam


The last time we featured A Day in the Woods was back when the title had just entered Steam Greenlight. I forgot to mention it back then, but the submission was a quick success, and the title has just launched for realsies on Steam. Developed by RetroEpic Software, a team based in Cape Town, A Day in the Woods is a re-imagining of both the Little Red Riding Hood story, and the block-sliding puzzle genre.

It’s currently selling at a launch price of R33, and its regular price from 2 November onwards will be R55. It’s got Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, Cloud support, 60 levels, and my inside-man at RetroEpic mentioned Halloween-themed content soon.

If you want to give A Day in the Woods a try, find it on Steam. Besides being a charming game, it’s a terrific success for local developers.

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