Greetings NAGulutas, and Happy Halloween to you, you scurvy dogs. The week’s news is fairly juicy this week, with publishers taking shots at voice actors, EA’s potential tanking of Titanfall 2 and new VR headsets, sales and pre-order records. More news, some meaty videos and highlights from the week, all one pumpkin patch after the jump.

EA shares take a knock as analysts predict poor Titanfall 2 sales

Don’t get the wrong idea here – all evidence points to Titanfall 2 being awesome. I’m already sold since I loved the first game, and have a big old mancrush on the guys who gave us Modern Warfare.

So why the doom and gloom? Timing. Analysts feel that trying to sandwich Titanfall 2 between the two biggest FPS releases of the year means the game’s sales are going to be cannibalised by both Battlefield One and Call of Duty In Space.

EA’s thoughts are that Titanfall 2 distinguishes itself enough from the others to not be affected, but the men in suits think EA is hoping to give Call of Duty the old one-two punch and may have punched themselves in the face in the process.

Titanfall 2’s original sales estimation was in the 9 million sales range, which has now been downgraded to somewhere in the 5-6 million range. Poor sales would be pretty disappointing indeed – I have a feeling this is going to be an exceptional game.

Publishers slam voice actors’ union strike

The union that represents voice actors in games recently declared a strike, and now publishers have hit back with a website detailing the “facts”.

I won’t bore you with all the nitty gritty details, but the gist of it is that the publishers are claiming a lack of communication and co-operating from the union’s side. It also shows how the union’s demands and the publisher’s offer were extremely close to each other.

The website finishes off by angling for a kind of mutiny, saying that the union members should be the one’s voting on the strike, rather than the union itself.

"Take the 5% you will, arrrrrrrr."

“Take the 5% you will, arrrrrrrr.”

Street Fighter 5 sales are worse than ever

Street Fighter 5 was, if you all remember correct, a heinous pile of shit.

I think the game is okay six patches or so later, but it was one of those usual broken releases that hopes to fix things on day zero and expects everyone to buy it anyway. Well, gamers haven’t been. For several months now in fact.

After its February 2016 release, Capcom was hoping for two million units shipped by March. However by May it had only sold 1.4 million, and the number it’s released now for month-ending September is… 1.4 million.

Yup, in over four months Capcom hasn’t even managed to shift the needle. Ouch. The disastrous launch, slow updates and general poor impression SF5 has made on everyone seems to have completely tanked the brand, so much so that fans are now calling for a complete re-release of the game under a different name – “Super Street Fighter 5” or some such nonsense.

I’m glad that a lazy, rush-out-the-door garbage release is being punished, I just wish this is what would happen with every game that tries to pull the same shit.

Steam Halloween sale is on until Tuesday

That’s Tuesday in American time, so those yanks stuck in the past should leave you plenty of room in your schedule to blow your paycheque.

Predictably it’s mostly “horror” games, but that label is broad enough to include the likes of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Metro 2033 Redux.

For me personally, I’m thinking it may finally be time to dip my toe into Telltale’s Walking Dead series.

Pokemon Sun and Moon crushes pre-order records

As we all learnt with Pokemon Go, adults, teenagers and children alike are obsessed with forcing imaginary cartoons into brutal, fight-to-the-death slavery rings for their own entertainment.

Possibly due to the success of Go, Nintendo has now confirmed that pre-orders for Pokemon Sun and Moon are bigger than any other Nintendo game ever. Whether that speaks to the success of the 3DS or the relative failure of the Wii U can be speculated on, but really it just means Pokemon fever is alive and well.

As a 2DS owner myself (in pink, the manliest of colours), I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. Unlike Go, the 3DS titles actually feel like games.

Yeah, let's pretend it looks like this.

Yeah, let’s pretend it looks like this, and not a random 2D cartoon floating in mid-air.

Microsoft gearing up to launch Windows 10 VR headsets

Everyone wants in on the VR game, as more and more it feels like Oculus’ early lead has been eroded by the bandwagoning of the biggest hardware makers in the world.

Microsoft are now reporting that they have “partnered with top PC makers to build a range of innovative VR headsets”. This would imply headsets to suit various budgets I imagine, but what we do know is that the entry-level option will start at a cool $299.

With all the Xbox One and Windows 10 nice-nice Microsoft has been encouraging, there’s a decent chance these will be compatible with the gaming console as well – but no word on that just yet.

Skyrim remastered launches, runs at 30fps

Well, this is disappointing. Following Friday’s launch of the Skyrim remastered version of PS4 and Xbox One, Digital Foundry published a report on the performance.

Surprise surprise, both consoles are running it at 1080p and 30fps. It seems that both run it with room to spare so no major fps drops are to be expected, and the game will also be getting a patch for the PS4 Pro that’ll support 4K – or what Sony is calling 4K anyway.

I still can’t help but feel let down by the 30fps cap though. It’s clear at this point that this is what has been settled on as acceptable for the console crowd, but as a PC gamer dabbling in console gaming I can’t quite move past it. It’s just, bad, doubly so because it seems with much better optimisation it’s more than achievable with the available hardware. Right, rant over.

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