“No Man’s Sky was a mistake” tweet and email blamed on… aliens?

No Man's Sky

Does Hello Games have a “disgruntled employee”? Was the studio’s Twitter account and email server hacked? Did Sean Murray get dronk verdriet?

Dial your Drama-O-Meters to AWKWARD, everybody.


05:48 AM.


After months of conspicuous inactivity, a tweet went out on the official Hello Games Twitter account:


It was subsequently removed, obviously, but an email from studio boss Sean Murray to Polygon later claimed responsibility for it:

“The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down,” the email explained. “We have not been coping well.”

At about the same time, two other Polygon staffers who’d previously not had any correspondence with Murray got this email from him:

No Man’s Sky was a mistake.

I have contacted you because the silence from Hello Games has been unwarranted and unprofessional. The community has asked me to speak up, and I have a confession to make. The game was simply unfinished upon arrival. Our hand was forced by not only Sony, but the community as well. The constant harassment and absolute gross misconduct on the community’s part has made it hard to fulfill our artistic vision, while the pressure from Sony to release the game as soon as possible forced us to cut key features. I want to apologize for what we did not deliver on, as the game does not meet up to what our artistic vision was.

However, we do wish that the community was more understanding of our situation. Many people have asked for refunds despite our promise to continually improve and update No Man’s Sky. We are just a small studio that has poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this project. The complete lack of respect when it comes to the work we have done absolutely saddens not only myself, but the team as well. We want to improve the game to the point we dreamed of it being and beyond.

I hope everyone affected understands,

Sean Murray

As the article points out, however, the word “apologise” is spelled “apologize”. Murray is English, not American. Important? Maybe, maybe not.

Forbes also got an email from Hello Games, alleging that the tweet and emails were the work of a “disgruntled employee”.

According to a series of tweets from his own Twitter account, Hello Games’ security had been compromised, and the team was working to fix it:

So, the studio’s Twitter account was hacked, but not its main email account, and also Murray’s own work email account was hacked, but not his Twitter account, because of, uh, a LinkedIn password. What?

Hello Games replied to that last one:

Which is, you know, kind of weird because Murray and whoever manages the social media were presumably in the same office at the time.

What’s even real anymore?

You should probably use two-factor authentication for all your stuff, though.